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I am not a big buyer of bullion, just the average guy scraping to get by week to week, but i know the value of real honest money and thats why i buy every bit of silver i can afford. I have been buying from apmex for over a year now and i have been very pleased with every transaction, every penny matters to me and i get big value, and great quality from apmex, i am sorry to hear others have had negative experiences with apmex, but my experiences have always been beyond expectation I am a very satisfied customer. Read more

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Watch out from this place i order and after i make the order they told me i should receive it with in 3 days after 3 days i called back they said o ill be shipped out today 4 days latter your mailing address is not the same on file i correct the address and they will mail it the same day then after 1 week i called to see why i didn't receive it until now they said oooo sorry we will ship it in 2 hours the processes it take about 3 weeks since i placed the order and i told them over the phone ill like to cancel my order Read more

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I have been buying gold and silver from Apmex for over three years. I have placed over 75 orders. I usually pay by check to save a few dollars. You do have to wait a few days for the check to clear but not nearly as long as other places. If you pay with a credit card they ship out the same day. Some of my purchases have been quite large but I have never had any problems what so ever. My orders come packaged very well and are always exactly as ordered. The customer service, I used once, was the best. Free shipping. In my opinion, One great... Read more

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All i have to say is WATCH OUT!! I have ordered a grip of things from them. Just BEWARE, what you see on the website, is NOT ALWAYS what your gonna get! I ordered 27 copper rounds, out of the 27, 9 were blaclend and discolored. I asked for an exchange, sorry we dont give them. So they can send you ***, and then Refuse to replace it or exchange it. Being a good customer, i told them i would think twice about ordering from them again......well they agreed to a refund if i send them the 9 rounds back. Ok , But theres a catcn, AT MY COST! So i... Read more

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I purchased gold with apmex item #(111868499470) . I gave them a 5 star rating. I found their prices competitive and sometimes lower than anyone else, especially on the Austrian coin I looked at. They have allways been polite and courteous with me. The only problem I had is the do have a max hold time on an order due to spot price fluctuation I would presume. I would recommend them and I surf the net and ebay when I buy anything. I have also bought Brilliant Uncirculated silver and gold with good results from APMEX. I have never tried to... Read more

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I have put in numerous orders with APMEX and they are AMAZING. Beautiful 100% real metal content whether its GOLD PLATINUM OR SILVER EVERYTHING HAS BEEN LEGIT. i cant tell you about their palladium because i havent ordered any but as far as the other three main metals, everything has been on point. If anyone has doubts about APMEX start off by ordering small and see for yourself. There isnt any minimum to purchase their products. My first order was $60. Since then, ive purchased and recieved numerous much more expensive orders. APMEX... Read more

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First time buyer from APMEX. I got 4 bars of 5oz silver. The box it came with was decent. Inside that box was APMEX own black box with logo and 'Investments You Hold'. It was made out of very strong cardboard. However upon inspecting the bars, two of them looked very good, one looked decent and the last one looked like it changed hands several times. It had scratches on one edge and a rather large dent next to them. There's no way it got damaged in shipping because APMEX box was very strong and it also had foam pads inside to keep the bars... Read more

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"I picked the wrong payment method and confirmed that by completing the purchase. I can't believe APMEX didn't call my cell and ask if i was sure i chose the correct payment method before i confirmed! Wow talk about bad service!" Lol this is the type of stuff im reading on these reviews. People, apmex has hundreds of orders a day. They have better things to do then wipe your a**. Learn how to place a simple order. And if you do mess up its on you..,... O and i place at least 3 orders a month from apmex and any time i had a question or problem... Read more

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100% FULL

I ended buy buying over $200,000 in silver bars from Apmex late last year and early this yerar, after about $75,000 to $100,000 in purchases I was called and sought out by this Cindy gal to move me to the VIP department. I was told all these promises and reason's I should buy from APMEX and mainly because when I sold they stood behind there own marked product. I have a phone recording of Cindy telling me on the 100 ounce bars I would always get a least spot back and on these 100 ounce stackables, stamped by APMEX I would normally get a little... Read more

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They tend to take there time shipping your order. I ended up going to JM Bullion. They provided free one day air on my order of $1700 while Apmex sent my $2400+ order priority mail it took 5 days to arrive. If you have a problem with your order you have to call apmex during limited hours. Other companies you can email anytime to contact with a problem. Use caution when dealing with them. Add comment

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