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You can see the markings, especially on the right-hand coin. It is a shading covering the lower-left. The company refused to expedite shipping and in fact told me that a 10 year old coin will have some markings on it. The transcript is below. 3:01 PMKortney B Thank you for contacting APMEX. My name is Kortney. How may I help you? 3:02 PMDave I just received 2 coins for order xxxxxxxxx and they are in terrible shape. there are stains of some sort... Read more

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I ordered Gold and received an email that there was a problem and call within 48 hours. First problem is that customer service is rarely available. Secondly I talked to a worker and they said they had an issue because my wife's name is on the order and my name is on the card. I told them to cancel the order and they said they would and the charge will never go past pending status on my bank account. Well it went through and they are not... Read more

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I never did business with Apmex until recently. I was looking through the Morgan Silver Dollars. I saw a PCGS Graded 1895-O which is a top coin and mint mark. I think I saw it on E-bay or Amazon but after purchasing this coin at a really nice price I was waiting for a customer review. Never seeing it I then waited and received the coin however it was in a cheap plastic flip and not the PCGS Case as described. As a matter of fact I even got the... Read more

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Bought a whole lot of precious metals from APMEX. Have been dealing with them for several years. Always thought they were a class operation. They proved me very very wrong. Needed some quick so I asked them to buy back some silver coins. The purchase price for the coins was approx $5500. The value of the coins (according to the rip artists in question) at the time I offered them for sale was approx $6700. Those rip artists offered me a... Read more

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  • Sep 16
  • #920132

Apmex giving out personal info of what you bought and how much plus where u live

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I have ordered 6 times from Apmex in the past 2 months. Never a delay until today. I was told there would be a shipping delay on RMC 1 ounce silver bars. My hunch is that this is going to become more and more commonplace going forward. Something's up. Read more

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has been submitted already . Ebay returned my money. Apmex refused to take action until Ebay returned the money to my account. Apmex refused to return my money even though they knew the product never left the UPS . Their lack of service and delay tactics is only a taste of their business practices, I will do my shopping elsewhere. Please see my first write up on Apmex on my first post. I don't know how to obtain the information that you are... Read more

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  • Sep 06
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I order a gold coin and one silver had to go over sea im in special opps for 3 years i was fighting for you when i got back nothing they told me i did not order anytime my bank say yes i did will they riped me off say aeay from them

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I ordered a item from Apmex. after 10 day, I did a tracking on the item and noticed that it was in Oklahoma and had not moved. I contacted EBay who contacted Apmex of my concerns. Ebay advised me that they would have to wait five days before they could get involved. Now fifteen days. Apmex advised us that there is a problem with UPS and they will have to do a investigation. (DUH) Apmex doesn't follow up on their own deliveries and relies on the... Read more

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  • Aug 14
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ABSOLUTLY THE BEST BULLION DEALER , I had an once of gold delivered to my military base in KUWAIT!! can't buy gold in Kuwait , you can't trust the shops there. Continued to buy it from them here in the states never had a problem , they even shipped a wrong order gave me TOO MUCH !!!i sent it back and they corrected it and even sent me an extra ounce of silver for my troubles

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