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I just wanted to memorialize in print our communication. Your company is refusing to buy back your gold at the noted spot price and are only offering to pay me $1331 which is $25 less than the current value and less than I originally purchased the gold from you.

You state inventory as the cause. Your company is depriving me of taking value from my holdings and profiting. This feels like a scam. Unfortunately I was uninformed when I initially bought gold from you paying $1675.60 for Australian Lunnars when spot price was $1335.59.

Your company profited $2040 from that transaction n I will probably never profit from the sale of that gold in my lifetime. My education has come late. But it seems it is impossible to profit from the ownership of gold with your company. I do plan to seek advise from the Securities Commission regarding protocol n social media to bring a 'buyers' beware message for public good.

I have reached out to other companies. BTW you should not end calls with calling me 'pretty lady!. Felt too familiar for our relationship.

Also, called JMBullion and they are doing buyback at spot price $1361.37!!! big difference from APMEX's $1331!

Review about: Apmex American Eagle Coin.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

I didn't like: Buyback.

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I have always been under the impression I can get spot price at any time for all the gold I purchased from APMEX regardless of how much inventory they hold. Is this not true?


..second gripe about the terrible new (last 8 mos or so) historical price chart. Worthless

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