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Small investor. Been stocking up little bit little bit.

Apmex has been my supplier for a little while. Up to now I have been happy with the purchases. But this last order was a bomb. Listed as brilliant uncirculated, the coin arrived with 3 large gashes in the rim and several small abrasions.

The return and exchange policy will end up costing more than the difference for keeping the defective coin at melt value. I can only consider that Apmex has stuck one to me. Dumped defective merchandise on a small buyer. This is how a company loses customers.

I have left this comment in their review section but I really don't expect to see them post it on their site. Ever wonder why the reviews are always elated customers???

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I had contacted Apmex about the damaged coin and the rep was very pleasant. But there was really no satisfactory solution.

the return policy ends up costing me quite a bit when it was not my fault. So you are really at their mercy if you order from them. Reputation is important so they do a pretty good job generally, but there will be times when you get stuck. I guess it just along with the program since there really isn't anything practical that can be done to remedy it.

I checked into some local dealers where I live but they were a little too wild west for me. I felt like I contacted the mafia. so I have ordered again from Apmex. there are some other online dealers but the return policies are all pretty much the same, That's what it is.

Wish I lived nearby a reliable dealer. Oh well.

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