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I've had one experience with APMEX and it was very bad.

My experience with on-line purchasing and banking activities is pretty substantial and I've never had a "bad" transactions to date. That all changed with APMEX.

My issues with APMEX are 1) they failed to disclose important information about their payment policy on their website, 2) their customer service "department" was unresponsive and unreasonable especially in light of their failure to disclose, 3) they do not have a customer complaint escalation service and 4) their Market Loss Policy is liberally implemented to APMEX's advantage.

My situation I hope is unique.

I opened my account, placed an order, set up my payment at the nation's largest bank and my payment never went through. I later learned the bank had blocked my transaction, was contacted by their Fraud Dept. and to add insult to injury, learned that APMEX was AWARE that my bank didn't allow these transactions with APMEX. APMEX should have disclosed this information on their website in which case I (along with many others) would have never opened an account or placed an order.

It goes downhill from there (very long story) ultimately with APMEX sending a "market loss and cancelation fee" that I refused to pay to a collection agency.

I was told that "If we do not receive a response by 3/22/10 your order will be cancelled and subject to our "Market Loss". Had they in fact canceled the order in accordance with their customer agreement on 3/22/10 there would have been no loss. They chose instead to use 3/29/10 as the cancellation date providing them with a way to charge a market loss fee and a cancellation fee.

Bottom-line: find another company to use cause if in the "slighest or remotest" of chances there is/are any difficulties with your transaction, you're going to get the service and empathy you'd probably expect from the IRS.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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I posted a thoughtful response to APMEX's gibberish above which has mysteriously disappeared.

I'll keep it short this time:

1. They don't address the specific issues I disclosed in my post (which is not a rant just the facts). Rather they speak in vaguery and generality.

2. Prove the 98% customer satisfaction statistic along with appropriate accreditation.

3. Reading an agreement doesn't help if APMEX does not INCLUDE all relevant information with regard to say Payment Options.

4. Finally, APMEX conveniently forgot to respond to the discrepancy in the dates they used to calculate their "Market Loss".

In my opinion, one would be far better off from a time and risk standpoint by finding a metals vendor other than APMEX.

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