I ordered a bag of $100 face value dimes and it came in paper rolls. Upon opening these rolls for review I found 17 or 20 rolls had 2-4 similar marked(tarnished) coins as if intentionally interspersed. I wrote review which they have not published. The say these dimes are BU. So you decide if the coins shown here are BU.

I don't know who rates their coins and I am no expert. However, I question their ethics do to the interspersed tarnished coins spread over 17 of 20 rolls. Up until now I felt comfortable ordering from them. Be careful!

I sent photo to Apmex and they say coins can tarnish over time and these are ok. However, it seems strange that the exact black circle would show up over 17 of 20 rolls with 2 to 4 per roll.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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the "tarnish you refer to is toning". If you want brilliant silver coins then you will be most likely buying cleaned ones.

The toned coins are original and worth more money in general than cleaned ones.

Please read up and study the game for a couple of years before you start buying. Read "the coin collectors survival manual a couple of times also" It was written by Scott Travers

Orlando, Florida, United States #803256

When buying silver coins that are 50 plus years old, you should expect some tarnished ones. They still may be "brilliant uncirculated" and have tarnish to them.

Even coins that have been placed in Airtite containers still have the chance of tarnishing.

If the coins are worn and dates are unreadable that is one thing, if you are buying as an investment, they are still 90% silver. That is all I would be concerned with.

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