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I've spent over $80,000 in gold and silver purchases from Apmex over the last 5 years. I accidentally left my computer when deciding whether or not I wanted to make a small purchase.

A friend's 6 year old son who happened to be at my place jumped on my computer and randomly pressed buttons. The order got sent. Now there are demanding I pay the $500 dollars. I told them it was a mistake but they are sticking with their policy.

I've told them I've made really big purchases from them with no track record of not paying. But they aren't willing to budge. $80,000 spent, but they are trying to take me to court over $500. Seriously this company is the worst kind.

I'm not going to stop telling everyone about just how awful this company is. Don't shop at Apmex they don't appreciate your business.

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Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1150855

This story is laughable. To think anyone would actually expect others to believe it is even more laughable.

You wanted to back out of a measly $500 order and concocted some half-*** story. Even if by some huge stretch of the imagination this story was true, just suck it up and don't be *** again.


Cough it up this is how real world works

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #945779

Your computer your fault sorry

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #926145

I don't believe this story for a second. Even IF, and that's a huge IF, some kid placed the order (ROFL) you should simply honor the mistake that YOU made.

Take responsibility. If APMEX started accepting "my dog ate the homework" excuses they would be open to scams.

I don't blame them for pressing the issue with you. They make their policies very clear.


What you just said is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard in my life!..A six year old doesn't just

hit buttons on a computer and place an order!..You messed up your order,and your trying to disguise

the mistake by throwing APMEX under the bus!...that sounds about right to me!


A simple "Windows key + L key" locks a computer just fine. You deserve having that happen.

Who leaves a computer open when other peoples' kids are around? Cavete autem ab haedis.

Country Club Hills, Illinois, United States #839568

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Camden, New Jersey, United States #833931

akwon110,....you sound like an ImBecilE.....

Salisbury, North Carolina, United States #832500

A card laid is a card played. You need to understand the nature of the business.

I feel for you but having your computer open when kids are around is asking for trouble. Hopefully, the value of your purchase has gone up with the recent uptick. As I recall, there is a confirmation button which must be pressed to complete an order so you must have been close to the purchase anyway. I never get that far along unless I plan to buy.

APMEX isn't perfect but they beat the competition by a country mile. You need to hit the coin shows if you are spending that kine of money.

Good luck! You will be ok if you bought gold or silver.



poor customer behavior - your story sounds like a joke - sorry

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #821608

no ties to apmex but you have time to write me an essay regarding their policies and how their "system" works. ha.

you must be a busy "worker b".

after sending me a certified letter demanding payment. i've haven't heard from them in months.


The APMEX system will automatically log you out after a few minutes (~5) of inactivity. You're blaming them for leaving a logged in computer unattended??

There are several steps that must be taken to finalize an online order. These include selecting the item(s), filling in your name, selecting the ship to address, selecting form of payment (if CC all info must be re-entered with every order), then lastly 'submit/place' the order.

So you're saying you took all of those steps then with only the 'submit/place order' remaining to be selected you got up, walked away from your computer, allowing a young child to take control and they just happened to click on the last thing necessary to place the order??

And it's APMEX's fault??

Clearly you were in the process of placing the order anyway as you can back out right up until the final step. So what's the problem?

Not to mention that you're either a Gold or Platinum Club member and have an Specialty Account Manager that will gladly take, and place, your order for you. This entire tale is very questionable.

And no, I do not work for APMEX. Enjoy the order you were in the process of placing and move on.

Blaming a 6 yr old child then ranting on APMEX? Who does that??

Kansas City, Kansas, United States #778143

Send them the kid.

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